We have a tailor who visits the ship. She takes the fabric we buy at the local market and makes it into whatever we ask for. One piece she did for a friend was with the remnants of all the fabrics put into a beautiful work. I think it’s stunning. I don’t have a photo of the dress…but I can show you an artistic shot of some fabric – taken by my friend Justine!

This is a photo by Justine Forrest taken at one of our patient’s home visits – a sample of the colorful fabrics we see everywhere in Benin.

So here are some patches of the work we’ve been doing on the communications team.

Photos by Timmy Baskerville and Justine Forrest

Meet David: a ten-year old boy who had maxillofacial surgery on the ship. I followed him early on in the field service.  Click here to read David’s Story.

Photo by Justine Forrest




Here’s the story of Miracle, who had ortho surgery to fix her windswept leg at just four years old. Click here to read more about Miracle.




Following are some samples of our “Weekly Scoop” – a snapshot of photos and updates we provide to our national offices each week. They’re compiled by the writers with shots from our very talented photographers:

January 9 Weekly Scoop

January 16 Weekly Scoop

January 30 Weekly Scoop

Photo by Windsor Marchesi
Photo by Windsor Marchesi

Speaking of photography…This is Yasmine – she was one of my favorite patients (not that I have favorites). I haven’t finished her story yet, but will soon!


I was feeling inspired one day so I borrowed a camera and set out to take a few shots. As it turns out, this photography stuff ain’t as easy as my colleagues make it look! Still, two of mine came out well (after taking over 200…)!


Here’s another one of my other favorite patients – Maurinho – who’d always steal my phone to look at photos of my dog Rory. This is me standing over his shoulder, smiling on the outside while cringing on the inside for fear that he’d somehow erase everything on my phone! (I’ll share his story soon!)

Photo by Justine Forrest

I’m just so proud of the patchwork of talent it takes to make our visuals and stories come together! Here’s a shot of the crazy communications team…

Photo by Rodrigo Silva

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